Archive: 16th SGMC Conference


  • Workshop: Writing a Journal Article by Dr. Vishwanath Venkatesh - 22nd April, 2021
  • Workshop: Bibliometric Analysis by Dr. Satish Kumar & Dr. Arunima Haldar - 22nd April, 2021
  • Keynote Address: Some Thoughts on Consuming Wisely by Dr. Utpal Dholakia - 5th May, 2021
  • Panel: Meet The Editors by Dr. Anne Roggeveen, Dr. Vishwanath Venkatesh, Dr. George S. Spals, Prof. John Egan and others - 5th May, 2021
  • WARC Presentation: Brand Activism - Why brands can't afford to not take a stance on issues that plague society by Mr. Biprorshee Das - 6th May, 2021

Important Documents:

Organizing Committee

Prof. (Dr.) Dimple Kaul, Conference Chairperson

Prof. Isaac Jacob, Co-Conference Chairperson

Dr. Nelli Kozlova, Conference Advisor

Ms. Navnit Chandel, Conference Manager

Prof. (Dr.) Abha Wankhede

Prof. (Dr.) Kiran Sharma

Prof. (Dr.) Brajesh Bolia

Prof. (Dr.) Ramki Y

Prof. (Dr.) Ralston Rajvaidya